Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Michael Strahan vs. Plaxico Burress [J. Mark English]

"It's a shame, because Plaxico is a great player and a good guy to be around, but at the same time you're judged by your actions on the field and you can't give up, you can't quit, because you're not quitting on yourself, you're quitting on us. We work too hard all together to have that type of stuff happen, and Plaxico is one of the guys who works hard. I don't quite understand what his motivation is, or what his lack of motivation is in those type of situations. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to see what it is and try to see if I can talk to him about it." - Michael Strahan

"I haven't had a conversation with him...if that's the way he feels, hey, I don't talk about my teammates. If that's the way he feels, then that's the way he feels. I know what my motivation is. If thats the way he feels, then that's sad." - Plaxico Burress

The comments made my Strahan on WFAN Monday, were brought up today by an ESPN reporter in the locker room at Giants Stadium. Strahan blasted the reported, Kelly Naqi and said the following:

"Come here, I want to see your face when you ask this question, the way you are going to ask it..I know you are going to ask it in a way there is more division and more of a negative way than it was, so come here, I want to see your face, please. You're a responsible journalist, look me in the eye and ask this question the way you want to ask it...look a man in the eye before you try to kill him or make up something."

I think its safe to say the team is giving the appearance of being in turmoil. On Monday they had a team only meeting. Usually a team only meeting spells doom for the team, and the coaching staff. If the team feels the need for a meeting...that will not involve the coaches...then there are things that they are saying that cannot tell the coaches. Which means there is a major communications problem, and everyone is not on the same page.

Should they lose this game, it may be only a matter of time before Coughlin loses his job. I think he's a good coach, but maybe his words aren't just getting through to this team.