Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Problem With NBA Calling Technical Fouls [David Stefanini]

I have watched at least one NBA game every night since the beginning of the season. The games are being played with much more disciplined, and overall I would say the level of competition has is up since last season. My only problem has been the way the officials are calling technical fouls to quickly.

I understand the NBA wishes to cut down on it's 'Bad Boy' image; however they are taking it to far. This new rule is taking the emotion out of the game. As a fan, I like to see players such as LeBron, McGrady, and other all-star players get into the game emotionally. When a player is called for a foul, or any call he thinks is not correct it is human nature to be upset at the call. When a player throws his arms up and says, "that's a bad call 'ref'", the officials are calling it a technical foul this season. I think this is bad for the game. We can't ask the players of the NBA to not react to a call and act like robots. Simply put, it is taking a good aspect of the game, out of the game.