Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mike Nifong: RESIGN! [J. Mark English]

The district attorney dropped rape charges Friday against the three Duke University lacrosse players after the stripper who accused them changed her story again. But the men still face kidnapping and sex charges that could bring more than 30 years in prison.

A lawyer for one of the athletes bitterly demanded that District Attorney Mike Nifong drop the remaining counts, accusing him of offering shifting theories of the crime in an attempt to win the case at any cost.

Mike Nifong must resign if he intends to maintain any sort of credibility. This has been a case in which three players from Duke's lacrosse squad were harrassed by the DA's office, and fraud was used in a which hunt to help advance the political motives of Mr. Nifong.

Back in April, Nifong knew that there was no DNA match which coud have provided evidence that the players were not guilty. He failed to allow the defense legal team in on this important information. He also failed to meet with the accuser, who frequently changed her story. Funny how during all of these mishaps he was busy trying to win an election as a Democrat. Its possible that the publicity surrounding him during this national case, helped him win the election.

If he helped manipulate evidence to convince a voting public that he was doing a decent service for the public at large, then he should resign. Should he not resign then he should be threatened with legal action for manipulating evidence to sway public opinion against the players, whose lives now will never be the same.

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