Friday, January 26, 2007

The NBA's Top Teams [David Stefanini]

Seeing how the Eastern Conference is a complete joke, I feel it is only right the top teams in the league are Western Conference teams. I think it is safe to say the 8th seed in the Western Conference would be the favorite against any team in the East. Which is why all 5 of the top teams in the league reside in the Western Conference.
1) Dallas Mavericks- It is really a toss up between them and the Suns. The reason why they are number 1 is because they can play defense. In the playoffs this run and gun offense of the Suns is great and all but their offense will not be that dominate in the playoffs. Defense wins championships, that's why the Mavs are my number 1 team.
2) Phoenix Suns- With all the talk (see above) about how there offense is not a playoff-type offense, this is not the playoffs yet so they are still an elite team. With Steve Nash having his best year, again, this team is poised for a showdown in the Conference Finals against the Mavs. The winner of that series will be the NBA Champ.
3) L.A. Lakers- With Kobe Bryant (MVP) leading this team and Lamar Odom coming back from his injury this team is poised to make a run to put themselves in the talk of the elites. MVP is the best player in the league and with Andrew Bynum getting his double-double every night this team will be extremely difficult to beat 4 out of 7 games.
4) San Antonio Spurs- There is no need to write about this team. Year after year we find them at the top of the league quietly winning games. They are very humble and let their game do the talking for them. That's why every year they are in the running for a title.
5) Denver Nuggets- With the acquisition of Hall of Famer to be, Allen Iverson, the Nuggets have established the best 1-2 punch in the league. However, the key to there success is third year player, J.R Smith. If Smith can continue to grow and improve his all-around game; the Nuggets can beat any of the 4 teams ahead of them in these rankings.

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