Friday, February 02, 2007

Alex Ovechkin Interview In ESPN The Magazine [Capital Fanatic]

Here is an interview of Alex Ovechkin by Dan Patrick in the newest issue of ESPN the magazine:

DP: Favorite city to vist?
AO: Montreal. Lots of beautiful girls.
DP: What's your opening line? Do you say you're a hockey player?
AP: In Montreal, I think they know. If not, I say I'm a businessman.

DP: Who picked your number?
AO: Me. My mom wore 8 when she played basketball.
DP: How good was she?
AP: She was captain of the Russian national team and a two-time Olympic champion. She was the best playmaker in the world.
DP: So what NBA player would she be?
AO: Michael Jordan.
DP: Your mom was the Michael Jordan of Russia?
AO: Yeah.

DP: What's with the red shoes you wear on the ice during the pregame?
AO: It's just my style. When we go on a trip, I wear yellow.
DP: You wear yellow Crocs?
AO: When we go on a trip.

DP: Favorite thing about America?
AO: Filet Mignon.
DP: If I go to Moscow, what is the one thing I have to do?
AO: You have to try the food-salad Stolichniy, soup borscht.
DP: Should I ask what's in those things or just eat them?
AO: Just eat them. They're very tasty.

DP: Can you dance?
AO: Oh, I'm the best dancer in the league.
DP: Would you go on Dancing With the Stars?
AO: No. I'm a little bit shy.

DP: How fast have you had your BMW up to?
AO: Very fast-180 mph.
DP: Where did you do that?
AO: On the way to the airport. No policemen. I drive fast, but not the max.
DP: You're like Michael Schumacher there.
AO: Probably better than him.

DP: Your favorite game on Xbox?
AO: Godfather.
DP: How good are you?
AO: I'm the best.

DP: Is there anything you're not good at?
AO: English

To see the rest of the magazine online, go to this link.

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