Monday, March 26, 2007

Kobe Has Off Night, Ends 50 Points Streak [David Stefanini]

Kobe Bryant had an off night by his recent standards last night. Kobe led his team to their longest winning streak of the year (5 games), scored 43 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in the process.

Yup, by his standards he had an off game.

This recent scoring spree has left me completely amazed, not because of the points he has been scoring but the way Kobe is making the scoring spree a team thing. This is one of the things Kobe said:

"I think it energized us as a team and I think it energized the city, and I think that's great. Before that, we were dead in the water. We're playing with a lot more energy now."

I have a funny feeling we have not seen the last of Kobe's 50 point games this season. It should be fun watching the rest of the season unfold and the playoff pitcher become clearer and clearer after each passing day.

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