Monday, March 19, 2007

Once Again Kobe Goes For 50 [David Stefanini]

It seems like the last time Kobe played I was writing on how he single-handily won the game with a 65 point out-burst. Oh wait, I did do that last time he played.
For the second time in as many games Kobe Bryant has scored 50+ points. It is the first time in 44 years that someone has accomplished this for the Lakers. Last night against the T'Wolves Kobe netted 50 points, giving him a two-game total of 115. That mark is the third highest in the past 40 years; it is only bettered by Kobe (119) and some guy named Mike (119).

When you think of Kobe scoring 50 points you would think of him shooting the ball nearly 50 times to do so; well that is not the case this season (or last season). When Kobe scored 65 he shot the ball 39 times, but he connected on well over 50% of his shots. Last night in scoring 50, Kobe shot the ball 35 times and connected on nearly 50% of those shots.
These two games have come off the Lakers worst losing streak in recent memory. They needed some big time wins and Kobe was there to provide them. If any player in the NBA is possible of carrying his team to a playoff birth it is Kobe.

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