Thursday, March 01, 2007

Steven Patterson Steps Down as GM of Trail Blazers [David Stefanini]

Portland Trail Blazers president and general manager Steve Patterson resigned Thursday, only hours before the Blazers home game against Charlotte.

I think this move is 2 years overdue. The timing of this does not make sense to me at all. There has to be something happening behind the scenes that we are not aware of. There was a point where this team was considered nothing but drug dealers and convicts, now they are a bad team showing signs of improvement. They were in last place last season with only 21 victories. This season they have the front runner in the Rookie of the Year race, Brandon Roy, and they have shown signs of improving. No one fears the Blazers, but teams around the league can not take them as an easy win that they were last season.

This is the first season Patterson could have taken credit for something positive as opposed to the negative publicity he has been getting over the past few years. Why step down now when you finally have something good to show your fans? I know his contract was going to expire soon, but why not wait until then? At least carry out the full length of your contract, and show the people you have made great improvements this year and ask them to give you one more shot next season. The timing just does not seem to fit with me.

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