Friday, April 20, 2007

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is Offered Majority Ownership of DEI [David Stefanini]

Junior got what he wanted; he wanted majority ownership of the company his father built and now it is his. I would be shocked if he declined this offer. At the beginning of the season Jr. wanted a bigger percentage of DEI. The current offer is questioned to be around 51%.
Jr. said there were "other things in the contract" that needed to be worked out. That shows his mind is not where it should be. Jr. should be worried about winning races and getting into the top 12. Right now he is not doing either. The contract talk and who will take over DEI can be addressed after the season.
Jr. needs to mature if he is going to win the Nextel Cup this year or any year in the near future. He has the world of NASCAR behind him, it's now up to him to prove to everyone he is the driver his father wanted.

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