Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mets Sweep Defending Champs [David Stefanini]

Who said the New York Mets had no pitching going into the 2007 MLB Season? After their 10-0 stomping of the defending World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, the New York Mets completed their three game sweep. In those three games they combined to beat the Cardinals 20-2 while, all three starters, Glavine, Hernandez, and Maine looked dominant.

Sure it is only three games of the season, but why can't we start to look to the future of how good this team will be this season. They have the best lineup in the NL, probably second only to the Yankees in the entire Majors. Two of their three young guns have the potential to be outstanding this year in, John Maine and Oliver Perez. Maine showed how good he can be by pitching 7 shut out innings and giving up only 1 hit. Perez was once considered the next big thing, but then lost focus. Last year's NLCS Game 7 he proved he still had what it takes. If he can control that 95 MPH fastball he has, he'll be ok.

Again their main flaw in the pitching staff, but in late July early August they are going to get a huge shot in the arm when Pedro comes back. Other than adding Roger Clemens to the staff this is going to be the best pick-up any team will get throughout the season. Their pitchers do not have to pitch like they have, not allowing more than 1 run, they can give up 3-5 runs because their offense will likely put out at least that many runs.

There is no doubt in my mind the Mets are the team to beat in the NL. If and when Pedro comes back healthy they may be the team to beat in all the Majors.

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