Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"D.C. Madam": Men Prefer Football over Women [J. Mark English]

There is a dirty bomb that is about to explode in the political world. This bomb threatens to envelop many prominent D.C. lawmakers. The center of this potential explosion is "D.C. Madam", a women who has been accused of acting as C.E.O of an illegal 'upscale' prostitution ring. The prostitution ring was disguised as an escort service. Its already brought down a key member of the Bush administration.

Yesterday, an ABC New website that is run by Brian Ross, called "The Blotter", released newsletters that D.C. Madam sent out to her employees. The newsletters was a forum meant to set the rules and standards of how the operation should run. The illegal 'corporate mistress' showed her frustration with a certain national pastime that apparently absorbs a males attention:

In another edition, she complained, "That damn Monday night football...ruins [sic] business every single Monday night!"

Maybe they should just nationally televise football every single night, and men would stay out of trouble. At least its safe to assume that football takes precedence over the fantasy/sexual desires of men.

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