Monday, May 21, 2007

Enough With Steve Nash [David Stefanini]

Why is it that I can not watch the Eastern Conference Finals without hearing about how good Steve Nash is? To steal one of Peter's lines in Family Guy and something Mark brought up on this blog earlier this year; Steve Nash 'really grinds my gears'.

Doug Collins was complaining about Chauncey Billups throwing a one-handed bounce pass. He then went on to say, only 2 men in the NBA were ever able to make that pass; Magic Johnson and John Stockton. At this point I am thinking to myself, that is a smart statement, one in which I agree; but then he had to bring in Steve Nash and how Nash can make that pass and how he is the best PG since Stockton.

Can we stop giving this man credit he does not deserve? Please. Sure he has had a great stretch of three years passing and shooting the ball, but that is where the good things end. He has never played defense, he doesn't show good leadership, and in the clutch he panics and losses the ball. Sure he made one or two big shots this season, but how many times has he turned the ball over? How many times has his man ran right around him and scored late in a game. It happens a lot and I am tired of hearing how Nash stacks up with the best PGs in league history. Steve Nash does not belong in the same breathe as those great players. Nash isn't the best PG in the league today, I would gladly take Jason Kidd over Steve Nash any day of the week.

The picture above shows what I think of Steve Nash, nothing more than a horrible defender who gets dunked on frequently.

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