Saturday, June 09, 2007

Clemens Looks Good in 2007 Debut [David Stefanini]

The Rocket has relaunched in New York, and he certainly looked good. In the first inning Clemens looked to be pushing to hard, and didn't have command of his pitches. However, as the game went on Clemens looked more and more comfortable. He ended up going 6 innings and giving up only 3 runs, on 108 pitches.

The Rocket most certainly feels good about playing for the Yanks again. They gave him 8 runs in support. Last season he would be lucky to have 8 runs scored in his support throughout an entire month.

I have continuously said, I doubt very much that one pitcher, a 44 year old at that, could propel a team to a stunning wining streak and bring them back from a 10+ game lead. But that is exactly what the Yanks are doing. Boston has been slumping, and the Yanks are playing their best baseball of the year. I still don't think they will catch Boston, but they should be the favorites to win the wild card.

Look on the bright side Yankee fans; there is finally something to smile about this season.

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