Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Old Men River [J. Mark English]

New York City was just hit with a blitz of rain showers, that caused rivers in the local areas to overflow. Which reminds me of the song "Old Man River" from the Broadway show, Showboat.

The song was flowing through my head, and then it hit me that its very appropriate that rivers should be over filled tonight. After all there are a lucky seven old men taking the mound tonight in Major League Baseball.

From ESPN:

It was expected to be old-timers' day in the major leagues on Wednesday, when a record seven pitchers in their 40s were scheduled to start. Until Mother Nature interfered.

The New York Yankees' Roger Clemens (44), Philadelphia's Jamie Moyer (44), San Diego's Greg Maddux (41), the New York Mets' Tom Glavine (41), Houston's Woody Williams (40) and Atlanta's John Smoltz (40) are set to pitch on the same day.

Kenny Rogers (42) was scheduled to start for Detroit, but the Tigers' home game against the Texas Rangers was postponed because of rain.

The record of six was set last Friday, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, when all but Clemens started.

Comment -

Its possible that 40 maybe isn't as old for player as it once was. Either it be better training, conditioning, or possibly the help of legal (& illegal) drugs, players are playing until much older into their retired years.

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