Friday, July 13, 2007

The British are Coming! - More Beckham [J. Mark English]

This is how the Evening Standard, a publication from England, is covering the pseudo mania surrounding famed soccer player, David Beckham:
The arrival was like royalty - except that no king or queen ever had such a welcome, at least not in Los Angeles. Posh and Becks are of course much, much bigger than royalty.

In an atmosphere of fevered anticipation that went to hysteria and beyond, David and Victoria Beckham set foot on US soil together for the first time early today as they began their new life as America's Mr and Mrs Soccer.

"This is the biggest media operation since 9/11, one airport spokeswoman said, in a remark she may just possibly live to regret.

Media types pushed and shoved behind the barriers, stony-faced security men did their best to keep them at bay, and teenage girls sighed and said it was "awesome"...

Comment -

Could we stop making this out to be the invasions of the Beatles all over again...

I think its safe to say that the Brits care more about the "Becks" then we Americans do. Let the countdown to the real American Football training camp begin!

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