Saturday, July 21, 2007

NFL/Falcons, May Ask Vick to Sit Out 2007 Season [David Stefanini]

This from Len Pasquarelli and Chris Mortensen from

In what has quickly evolved into a collaborative effort that includes input of officials from the NFL, NFL Players Association and Atlanta Falcons, embattled quarterback Michael Vick could be urged to take a voluntary leave of absence to focus his energy on the legal challenges from a federal dogfighting indictment confronting him, sources said.

Under the leave-of-absence scenario, and given the projected timeline of any trial that could ensue from the federal indictments brought against the quarterback Tuesday, all parties would enter into the agreement, if it is consummated, with the expectation that Vick would probably miss the entire 2007 season.

Well we knew this was going to happen at some point. The NFL clearly want Vick to sit out this season, because if he voluntarily does it, it clears the NFL from any wrong doing. The Falcons on the other hand will basically forfeit their upcoming season. Without Vick, the Falcons have no chance of winning anything this season.

I would hope that Vick will play in the upcoming season. It will be the only 60 minutes during the week where he can get his head off the accusations at hand. It worked out for Kobe Bryant when he went through his rape charges.

I just hope the NFL doesn't suspend him. Like I said, he hasn't been proven guilty. If he is proven guilty, the NFL should ban him from life. But until that time the NFL should not take any direct discipline actions. If Vick will willingly sit out the season that is his option. That would probably be the best situation for Vick. It is worth it to him to miss one season and play the next ten, than to play this season and loss the rest of his career.

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