Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's About Time! [David Stefanini]

For the first time in a very, very long time, the New York Mets look alive! Already up 9-0, the Mets jumped out of the dugout to run to the back, when a Marlins pitcher threw at Louis Castillo twice in a row. The first one barely missed his legs, and the second one was an inch behind him. The Mets cleared the bench and got in the face of a few Marlins players.

My question is this, WHERE THE HELL HAS THIS BEEN? The fans where chanting 'Let's Go Mets' as the Mets were on the field. It took 161 games, but they look to be alive. Instead of walking aimlessly through the season with nothing to worry about, they are a scared team that knows they are going to go down in history as choke artists unless major changes happen over the next two days.

AND HERE WE GO!!! Olvio, the Marlins catch took a big swing towards Reyes but missed. The Mets run out onto the field looking for a fight. The Mets fans are screaming Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose. It about time the Mets look alive. Its probably to late, as they are probably out of the playoffs, but at least I know they actually care. I thought throughout this month the Mets didn't care, they were getting paid and making the playoffs meant nothing. Finally they are giving me reason to cheer for them again.

After the everyone settles down and goes back to their dugouts, David Wright gets up and slaps a base hit to center field. The Mets now have a 10-0 lead.

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