Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RAGGED Sports Break [Robert A. George]

This is from Guest Blogger, Robert A. George, of Ragged Thots:

Golden Dome in black and white. Those Notre Dame boosters who thought they were so Weis three years ago look fit to be Ty-ed right about now. Pat Forde nails ND perfectly.

2) Who'd a thunk it? Baseball isn't the only sport that uses the wonders of modern technology to, uh, "gain a competitive advantage" (AKA "cheat"). So does the NFL!! So, if the Patriots weren't stealing signs, they might have only scored 24 points on the Jets!

Don't laugh, the Jets did beat the Pats up in Foxboro late last year -- admittedly, Randy Moss wasn't there.

It also appears that this isn't the first time the Patriots pulled this, given that Green Bay's GM claims they pulled something similar last year. Which causes more than a few people to wonder whether Bill Belichik is a true "genius" -- or just another boob tube junkie like the rest of us.

Rather than dunning New England a few draft picks, how about just sending Tom Brady to the Jets? That sounds like a fair punishment!

Oh, and while we're in Beantown-bashing mode, one more thing: In light of this scandal, wonder if Barry Bonds foe Curt Schilling has any choice words to say about Belichick, given the coach's "complicated" domestic issues?

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