Monday, October 22, 2007

Rocks and Sox World Series [J. Mark English]

For a wrap up of last nights game 7 of the ALCS, where the Boston Red Sox defeated to the Cleveland Indians to advance to the World Series, here is some excitement from bean town shared by the SawxBlog:

Wow...ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, your Boston Red Sox are on their way to the 2007 World Series, and what a game they played to get there. Like a lot of the games in this series the box score at the end of the night can be awfully deceiving. The final score may have been 11-2, but it sure didn't feel like that for a majority of the game.

The story of this ALCS was that the Red Sox actually had the opportunity to manufacture a heck of a lot more runs then they did (the record number of double plays attests to that), and game 7 was a great example of this early on. For the first three innings the Red Sox were nibbling and getting only 1 run an inning when they really had an opportunity to break it open a la game 6. That's why when it's the top of the 7th inning and we're up 3-2 and there are runners on base you felt like you were having heart palpitations, it was nerve racking man.

But in the end the Red Sox controlled the game with solid pitching from Dice-K and a super clutch double play ball by Oki Dokie. Oh yeah, that and the fact that the ghost of Dale Sveum was apparently coaching third base for the Indians, I have no idea how Lofton didn't score on that shot down the third base line.

So it's now onto the World Series against the Colorodo Rockies, much like the ALCS it should be fun. I feel for Indian fans today, they have a bunch of good passionate fans and a good ball club. More to come on the ALCS victory and World Series later. For now congratulations to your pennant winning, American League Champion, Boston Red Sox!!!

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