Thursday, October 04, 2007

Take a Balk with Me [J. Mark English]

Some MLB playoff thoughts -
  • I didn't think it would be possible, but I'm actually watching playoff baseball. I guess I'm almost over the Mets "long national nightmare". Thanks Adds for the soothing words of comfort.
  • The Phillies are down 2-0 already to the Colorado Rockies. Weren't the Rockies supposed to be up for contraction a few years ago? If not, they should have been. I think maybe two people in Colorado really cares about that team.
  • Speaking of the Phillies, going back to the year 2001 they have gone 86-76, 80-81, 86-76, 86-76, 88-74, 85-77, and then this year 89-73. I guess it took that elusive 89th win to finally cross the threshold. Talk about consistency though. How many other teams have had that many winning seasons in a row without making the playoffs? Lets just say they were due.
  • Going back to the Rockies. As my friend (a Mets fan) wrote: Kaz-fricken-Matsui!! 3-4 with 5 RBIs and only a single shy of the cycle!!! I don't think I have been happier with Kaz... ever. No Kidding.
  • Another friend wrote to me this morning (also a Mets fan): Nothing quite sucks like listening to Joe and Evan on WFAN this morning excitedly discussing tonight's Yanks-Indians game - "The wait is over..." etc etc. - particularly when they talk about how NY "learned from their mistake" last year in underestimating Detroit... a mistake we (the Mets) hopefully learn from in '08... Just sucks not to be in on the fun... This is true.
  • By the way, I'm watching the Indians take on the Yanks right now on TBS. Is it 1996 all over again? Where's Manny, Albert, Thome, Baerga and Lofton. Well all of them are gone...except Kenny Lofton (WHOS BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS AGAIN)...but this team, just like 1996, is all over the Yankees!
  • Suppose the Yankees get knocked out again in the first round by next weekend. Does that mean the airwaves will be dominated by Yankees talk, and how much they have fallen short of their goals? Maybe the Met fan will finally be able to move on.
  • Of the four teams in the NL playoffs, only two teams have won a World Series...and its only been done twice going back to 1908...(D'Backs and the Phillies).
  • The playoffs on TBS? Its like they pulled out the best of their NBA coverage for baseball. Its prety weird. I'm not a fan. On the other hand its better then Tim McCarver.
  • I'm also glad that the New York Rangers are playing now and that the NHL is back in action. This should help to further my recovery from the Mets disaster.

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