Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Santana Saga Ends

The Johan Santana saga has come to an end. On January 29 the METS have agreed to send Gomez and 3 prospects probably Mulvey, Guerra and Humber to the Twins for the LHP Johan Santana. The only thing that is standing in the way is a contract extension which I don't see being a problem and a physical.
If you are a Twins fan you got to be frustrated and angry. I think most people thought that the Mets had to trade both Fernando Martinez and Carlos Gomez in order to acquire Santana. Also back at the Winter Meeting the Twins had an offer from the Yanks that included Hughes and Melky but passed. In my opinion I think Bill Smith over played his cards and I guess you can say it's a rookie mistake.
Boston was just in it to drive up the price on the Yankees. Cashman was very stubborn and didn't want to trade the youngsters and I agree with him. They have 3 great pitchers who all could be an ace on another team.
This is a deal the Mets had to make because of the collapse at the end of last year. Without a doubt in my mind the Mets are the favorites for the division and possibly the pennant.
ESPN has all the info the deal.