Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Prince Became the King [David Stefanini]

Last night at the home run derby there was a lot of anticipation. Albert Pujols was going to blow us all away and Ryan Howard was going to return home and give Pujols all he could handle. It was supposed to be very entertaining and one of the best Home Run Derby's we have seen in quite sometime.
The first two batters, Nelson Cruz and Prince Fielder, start off by each hitting 11 home runs and getting the crowd on their feet. However, for the next 2 hours I found it very difficult to stay awake. We had a 3 player bat off which combined for 3 home runs, Pujols looked exhausted after playing a double header the night before and though Howard did perform well it wasn't what we all expected.
Emerging from last night as the biggest winner had to be Nelson Cruz who most of the country probably never heard of. He put on an amazing show by hitting numerous home runs into the third and fourth level of the stadium. But the championship went to the Prince. With numerous shots that went 450 feet plus, including one of 503, Prince showed he is the home run champion this year. Congrats.

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