Sunday, September 13, 2009

Football Predictions [David Stefanini]

Welcome to another season of the NFL! With a bunch of good games scheduled to start I figured what time is better than now to make some predictions.

MVP: Everyone seems to be going with either Brady of Adrian Peterson, but I think differently. I'm going with Philip Rivers who is ready to become a top 5 QB in this league. He has a healthy LT, Gates, and Merriman which will allow him to put up ridiculous numbers. Peterson won't win because it will be very difficult to put up numbers like he did last season, therefore the winner is Rivers.

NFC Champs: People love the Vikings and the Eagles, but once again I disagree. The Vikings won't win because Farve is their QB, and the Eagles won't win because their the Eagles. They will have too many injuries and McNabb will be to busy looking over his shoulder. Therefore the Dallas Cowboys get the edge. They have the same team returning without T.O. Felix Jones and Marion Barber will have huge years, Roy Williams will show us all his real talent and Tony Romo should have a big year. Their defense is very solid and for once they are flying under the radar. All positive signs for things to come.

AFC Champs: Either the Pats, Steelers, or Chargers have to be chosen for this title. These three teams are the class of the conference. The Pats get the best QB in the world back, the Steelers return an amazing defense, and the Chargers are talented at every position. The Pats are to easy of a chose, it's very difficult to go back-to-back, so I'm going with the Chargers. Even though they have Norv Turner as a coach, I believe they have enough talent to overcome him and win some football games as long as they can stay healthy.

Super Bowl Champs: I have to go with the Chargers. They are simply to talented all over the football field, even their punter is amazing. As long as LT stays healthy and the old Antonio Gates returns there should be nothing stopping this team from walking out of the 2009-2010 season with a title.

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