Sunday, October 29, 2006

Barber Bowl = Swirling Winds Bowl [J. Mark English]

The New York Giants took care of business against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by the score of 17-3.

I went to the game, and let me tell you, the wind became the key component of the game. The Giants have been built in such a way that they can handle the elements and it showed today.

Lets begin with Jeff Feagles. He was able to locate the ball inside the ten yard line numerous times. The Bucs in the first half rarely had good field position. Before their last drive of the half, the Bucs were limited to only five rushing yards on seven carries. Pretty pathetic. Thanks to Feagles, and the Giants defense, the Bucs could go nowhere.

Also credit goes out to David Tyree who made sure Feagles punts stayed inside the ten yard line. He is so consistent at getting down field before anyone else and giving the opposing team an enormous disadvantage in field position.

Plaxico Burress hauled in some incredible passes including one for a spectactular touchdown. Its refreshing to see him playing well, and not mouthing off afterwards. Could it be he's maturing? If he can continue to let his talent speak for himself, then this team can go very far.

Overall this team is starting to hit a groove. And as Carl Banks said on WFAN after the game, they haven't peaked yet. If thats true, then we could be in store for a fun season.

As to the team being able to handle the elements, it harkens back to the Parcell days. Bill Parcells never wanted skill position players from southern states. He wanted players who were used to the cold, and the wind. This gave the team an advantage on days like this. The Bucs did not have a prayer in this type of weather. Great job by the Giants front office in putting in place the right personel to handle these type of games.

Next week the Jints play the lowly Houston Texans. Clearly this is a trap game. The following week the will have the Bears (who may still be undefeated), and this might mean the Texans are overlooked. Hopefully the Giants will not let that happen.