Monday, October 30, 2006

Michael Vick: Growing into an Unstoppable Force [David Stefanini]

The past two weeks in the NFL season have yeilded 7, count them, 7 touchdown passes from Michael Vick. The same QB that people said will never grow into a great QB, just a RB with a strong arm. Well if there was ever 2 performances to quiet the critics. Personally I am a huge Vick fan. I think the man wins footballs games, and is exciting to watch. The question now is, how to stop him?
If Vick continues to throw the ball the way he has the lat two weeks, there is no defense in the world, including the Bears that can stop him. His speed kills teams all the time, and now his arm is beating teams. If the two are working together how can you stop him? Blitz, he'll run right by. Give him time throw the ball down the field, Drop back and play it safe, 10 yard run easily. Vick is a nightmare for defenses, the question is will this accuracy hold up or will he go back to run first pass second Vick?
Only time will tell. Until then enjoy watching him when he plays, the odds are we will never see a player quite like him again.