Monday, November 13, 2006

Eli "Inconsistent" Manning: [David Stefanini]

Last night against the Bears, Eli Manning looked... well... like Eli Manning. Throughout his career he has had some games where he completes a lot of passes for a lot of yards. Coming into this week he was in the Top 10 in passer rating, but there is a catch. If you watch Eli throw the ball, he leaves his WR's out to dry. They are forced to make very good catches and are therefore forced to give up their bodies. This season it has caught up with them: Plaxico Burress has had an injured back and Amani Toomer is out for the season. The next time the Giants play a game, watch where Eli's passes end up. I am willing to say 8 out of 10 times, his pass is not on the mark. Now, I am not saying these passes are going to get picked off, because if Burress doesn't go up and get it, chances are a CB can't either. However I am saying that Eli is nowhere near the fantastic quarterback that people make him out to be. Sometimes a WR can make a QB look good. Eli should be counting his lucky stars he has great talent around him.