Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NBA Top 10 11-08-2006: [David Stefanini]

With the first week of the NBA season in the bag some teams look great: Lakers, 76ers, Hornets. Other teams look horrible: Knicks, Boston, and Dallas! Dallas has the talent necessary to turn a 0-3 start around. The top 10 will not have the familiar Mavericks and Heat sitting on top, or close to the top for that matter.
1) Lakers: Andrew Bynum looks ready to fill a major hole in the center position. With the center position plugged up the Lakers have the pieces.
2) Hornets: For the simple fact that they are 4-0 they have to be near in the top of the rankings.
3) Jazz: For the simplte fact that they are 4-0 they have to be near the top of the rankings.
4) Nets: The NBA some how has them playing only 2 games so far but hey, they at least looked good in them, though one was a lose that they should have won.
5) Spurs: Tim Duncan looks great as he usually does, and the team is poised to go back to the Finals where they feel they belong.
6) Bulls: Their dismantiling of the Heat on opening night was a sign as to how good they CAN be.
7) Pacers: A lot of people had questions about them so far they have looked very impressive.
8) Pistons: There not off to a fast start as they were last year, but no need to worry here, they'll be fine.
9) Cavaliers: Something is not right in Cav-land if LeBron is walking off the court with 20 seconds left. Hopefully they can fix it.
10) Heat: They stay in the top 10 for now because they are 2-2 and the defending champs. I wouldn't expect them to stay here for long.