Sunday, November 05, 2006

NFL Speard Picks: [David Stefanini]

Week 9 NFL games. If you are new to the point spread system it's very easy to understand. The team who is favored, for instance, Kansas City @ St.Louis, St. Louis is FAVORED by 2.5 points, this it could be written as St.Lois -2.5 Kansas City ,or Kansas City +2.5. If the Rams win the game by more than 3 points they cover the spread, if they win by 2 or less, they don't cover the spread. With that said lets start with the Rams game. (Pick is highlighted in blue, home team is on right side):

1) Kansas City + 2.5 St.Louis. Their offense is to good for the Chiefs.

2) Cincinnati +3 Baltimore. The Bengals will come out desperate, that will carry them to the upset.

3) Houston +13 New York Giants. The Giants will win, but their too inconsistant to win by 13.

4) Tennesse +9.5 Jacksonville. David Guard wants to be the full-time starter, look for a breakout game for him.

5) Dallas -3 Washington. TO to much, and their defense isn't to shaby either.

6) Green Bay +3 Buffalo. Both teams are not good, but Losman vs Favre... yeah I thought so to.

7) New Orleans -1 Tampa Bay. This could go either way, since Tampa is home, I'll go with Tampa.

8) Atlanta -5.5 Detroit. Vick, Vick, Vick.

9) Miami +13.5 Chicago. They are just to good, give them 20 points, I'd still go Bears.

10) Minnesota -4.5 San Francisco. Vikings will look to rebound as the 49ers just want to see some improvement from Alex Smith. ANYTHING.

11) Cleveland +12.5 San Diego. To much LT.

12) Denver +3 Pittsburgh. This is an absolute joke that the Steelers are favored! This team is in absolute turmoil, playing a Denver team who doesn't give up TDs (except if thy name is Peyton).

13) Indianapolis +3 New England. Peyton is great, but he's not the best. Brady is the best because in big games, he plays his best. Peyton in big games throws to the wrong team.

14) Oakland +7 Seattle. zzzzzz, sorry I was falling asleep just thinking about this game. Go with Oakland because they don't have a QB, neither does Seattle, no RB, neither does Seattle, Randy Moss... there is something no one has.