Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pick the NFL Winners - Week 9 [EdMcGon]

Sorry I missed posting last week's "pick the winners", but real life kept me too busy. (I know, lame excuse)

Feel free to post your own picks in the comments, and I will post the winner next week. What do you win? Hmmm...where is that moldy fruitcake I got for Christmas last year...

Anyway, here are my picks for this week (my pick in red):

Atlanta at Detroit: Think this is a trap game? I don't think the Lions are good enough to trap anyone. At best, the Lions make it close and lose at the end.

Cincinnati at Baltimore: This should be the second best game of the week (see Indy-New England for the best). In a game that could go either way, take the Ravens. Better defense playing at home.

Dallas at Washington: Meredith vs. Jurgenson. Staubach vs. Theismann. Romo vs. Brunell. Not quite the same ring to it, aye? Regardless, it should still be good. This will also be a good test for Romo.

Green Bay at Buffalo: In this matchup of great college teams, I will go with the ACC school.

Houston at N.Y. Giants: Do you even need to ask?

Kansas City at St. Louis: The Chiefs are 3-0 against NFC West teams this year. Can you say 4-0?

Miami at Chicago: Hey Dolphin fans! Remember 1985, when the Dolphins played the greatest Bear team of all time on a Monday night, giving the Bears their only loss that year? Sometimes, history does NOT repeat itself.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay: Can the Saints win without Reggie Bush? Even though they should, I cannot say I feel confident in this pick.

Tennessee at Jacksonville: Only because the Jags are at home.

Minnesota at San Francisco: The Patriots just showed the rest of the NFL how to put a butt-whoopin' on the Vikings.

Cleveland at San Diego: A lot closer than it looks on paper. I pick the Bolts to pull out a squeaker.

Denver at Pittsburgh: Those "terrible towels" could be crying towels before this one is over.

Indianapolis at New England: The game of the week. The Patriots have looked good lately, while the Colts have holes. It is never a good thing to go up against a Belichick team with holes for him to exploit.

Oakland at Seattle: Most weeks, I would not take the Raiders to beat the Hawks. But here is the equation: (No Hasselbeck) + (No Alexander) = (No win). Just make it three wins in a row baby!