Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Your NBA Fix: Back in Action [J. Mark English]

In all candidness, the opening of the NBA season does not have the same thrill that the start of the MLB and the NFL has for me. However, in all fairness to the sport of of the most widely played and watched sports in the entire world, let us get this game off the right way with a look of what is going on around the league, and what is being said in the media:
  • John Eligon sets up the start of the New Jersey Nets season. The tri-fecta of the Jefferson, Kidd, and Carter will make or break the Nets season.
  • The Knicks will win the NBA Championship. At least someone had to say it, and this will be the last place you'll hear it, because it will be an all-out dreadful season. Larry Brown should sit back and enjoy the show in his estate out in the Hamptons. Howard Beck of the Times looks closer at Isiah Thomas, and what he is up against.
  • Marty Burns believes that LeBron James legacy will be built on championships, not statistics.
  • New and improved Chicago Bulls demonstrated just how improved they were against the defending champs, the Miami Heat. This was the worst lost for a defending champion in an opener ever.
  • Kevin Garnett's off the court work has earned him the NBA Citizenship award.
  • Marc Stein has the latest on the Jalen Rose the taking are the Heat, Suns & Pistons.
  • The Kobe-less Lakers win yesterday in impressive fashion.
  • Brian Costello with the treasuring-hunting in the NBA among guards.
  • Steve Megargee fills us in on the youngsters stepping in for the campus legends.