Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Miami Heat: This Bad? [David Stefanini]

I am here at my house watching the Bulls, Heat game. The score is a pitiful 59-30 at half, Bulls. I know this is way to early to begin saying any team looks bad but...
Last night I wrote how the Heat are not going to be a good team this year. They are old, they look every bit their age right now, they are not hungry, I haven't seen one Heat play on the floor going for loose balls this entire game. With the exception of Dwayne Wade, who continues to look like Jesus in shorts, the entire team looks miserable.
With all that said, the Bulls look superb. Tyrese Thomas comes off the bench, giving them 6-10 quality minutes. The Ben Wallace affect is evident; the Bull's interior defense is not letting Shaq, or anyone for that matter get anything inside. Watch out for the Bulls... I may of had them to low in the standings.