Tuesday, November 21, 2006

NFL Top 10 11.21.06 [David Stefanini]

Thank you:

Dallas, for allowing me to take the Colts off the top of the list. The Jets for allowing me to put the Bears where they belong. LT, for being the most amazing player I think I ever have seen play (I am only 19). Tony Romo, for allowing me to put the Cowboys near the top. And finally the Bengals, for starting to play like the Bengals.

On this post LT will be called MVP, as I think he deserves it.

1) Bears- Say what you want about them. They are dominating, beat a RED-HOT Giants team on the ROAD. Beat a Jets team that was coming off a high on the ROAD. To much talent, to good a team. They will be in the SuperBowl playing.....

2) SUPERChargers- This team is down right scary. Considering thier entire defense has been carted off the field and they still win is amazing. I say this every week. MVP is the best player in the league. Every week he puts distance between him and second place.

3) Ravens- Great all-around defense and the offense is clicking.

4) Colts- They are the least impressive 9-1 team in history. If they played the Ravens, Chargers, or the Patriots again, they would lose. As long as the real Tom Brady shows up.

5) Cowboys- Tony Romo has lifted this team to new heights. Look for them to soar as he gets more and more comfortable.

6) Patriots- They looked good against Green Bay. That's why they don't move anywhere, they played Green Bay.

7) Broncos- They got beat at home, but they lost to MVP. They still can be a top team in the AFC, but I doubt they can get through the Chargers.

8) Panthers- The NFC South looks to have it's champion. Their defense is finally clicking, which makes them a tough team to beat.

9) Jaguars- They are similar to the Falcons. At times they look great, at times they look horrible. Luckily for them, they are much better than the Falcons.

10) Seahawks- I'm sorry but is that the 49ers closing the division lead? Yes it is...