Saturday, November 18, 2006

NBA Releases All-Star Ballot ALREADY? [David Stefanini]

That's right we are 8 games into the NBA season, some teams aren't even that far into the season, and the All-Star Ballots are released. Forgive me for seeing something wrong in this but since when does one hot week crown an All-Star? Can we let them play for let's say oh... a month or two. I think we should chalk this up to another thing the NBA has done wrong this season.
I am one of the biggest fans the NBA has. I have the League Pass so I can watch every game. Games that I can't watch, I TiVo. However I think with the switch to the new ball, calling technical fouls to quick, the dress code, and now the WAY TO SOON All-Star Ballot; the NBA is making decisions that should be challenged and should cause somebody their job.