Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NFL Top 10, Going into Week 10: [David Stefanini]

Well due to Sunday I am sure there are many power rankings that have a shuffle across the leader board; mine is no different. With two of my top three teams losing obviously I change was in order. In all fairness to the Patriots they did lose to the Colts, so they won't drop to far. I declared the Falcons as the only team in the NFC to have a shoot at challenging the Bears, sorry. Peyton Manning made me look like a liar, but do it in the playoffs and we'll talk then. Now onto the rankings where the Colts find themselves in a familiar state.
1) Colts- HUGE win over the Pats, this team is truly #1 so far this season.
2) Bears- Yes they did lose but maybe it's just the football gods cruel sense of humor. Seriously the Dolphins?
3) Patroits- Yes they lost and the team behind them won, however the Patriots lost to the Colts (#1). Tom Brady had a bad game, that's usually as many as he has in one season.
4) SUPERChargers- I said this last week, "LT is the most complete player in the NFL." I hate stating the obvious but we may be looking at the closest thing to Barry Sanders as we'll ever see. One-on-One there is nobody in the league who can tackle him, NOBODY.
5) Broncos- Jake Plummer may have finally turned the corner, but can he keep it there for long?
6) Giants- Finally they are looking like the team they are suppossed to be. I know they BARELY beat the Texans, but a win is a win.
7) Baltimore- Their offense is kicking into gear, this could make them very dangerous.
8) Saints- I still have great question marks about this team but they are 6-2 so they deserve the respect.
9) Falcons- Inconsistency. This has been Michael Vick's problem throughout his career. Two games of him looking amazing, a few of him looking like a running back.
10) Chiefs- This one was a toss-up between the Jags and the Chiefs. The Chiefs get the edge because they have Larry Johnson.
That's all for this week. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.