Thursday, December 21, 2006

Carmelo Will Not Appeal Suspension, but J.R Smith Will [David Stefanini]

Carmelo Anthony will not appeal his 15 game suspension, but J.R Smith will. Honestly I think bout players are correct in their decision. Carmelo Anthony, if he was a non superstar, would have received a much larger suspension. J.R Smith, if he was a superstar, would have received a much less suspension.
J.R Smith's suspension is a little harsh, considering what everyone else got. Mardy Collins, who started the whole thing by trying to kill Smith only gets six games. Smith get's close lined by Collins, then has Nate Robinson jump into his face and start threatening him. What does the NBA want Smith to do? Maybe they want him to say, sure Robinson hit me, sure Collins take off my neck. I am in no way saying Smith reacted in an appropriate manner however he should not have gotten less than Collins. Robinson is running around the court trying to fight everyone.
I feel either Smith should have gotten a less suspension; or Collins and Robinson should have had a bigger suspension.

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