Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Iverson Traded to the Nuggets! [David Stefanini]

The winner of the Iverson sweepstakes is:
Iverson was traded for Andre Miller, Joe Smith, two first round draft picks in 2007, and 1 or two additional players to be named at a later date.
Talk about instantly becoming favorites to go deep into the playoffs. When Carmelo Anthony gets back from suspension the two leading scorers in the NBA are going to be playing for the same team. However don't think that the 76ers didn't get a good deal out of this. Obviously keeping Iverson would have been the best thing for them, but if they couldn't have that, having two first round picks in the upcoming draft is a great alternative. This draft class is going to be great; the 76ers can use this draft to build a team that can compete in the upcoming years. But back to the main topic, Iverson playing for the Nuggets.
The Nuggets are going to be a great team to watch the rest of the season. Imagine running the break with Iverson, 'Melo, and J.R Smith. Sportscenter will be able to run Nuggets highlights non-stop every night. If Carmelo is having an off night, which is rare this season, Iverson can easily pick up the scoring load; and obviously this works both ways. No defense will be able to stop these two players; double-teaming either one of them could lead to a 50 point night for the other. And with the development of J.R Smith moving along very nicely, the Nuggets are going to be an offensive machine.
One last word, finally the 76ers have surrounded Iverson with the talent he needs to take a team to a championship title. Unfortunetly for them, it isn't with the 76ers.

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