Monday, December 18, 2006

Your Daily Fix 12.18.06 [J. Mark English]

  • The Knicks and Nuggets weren't the only folks fined today. Cowboys' own, Mr. Owens, was hit with a $35K fine for spitting.
  • Packers' assistant coach, Jeff Jagodzinski, will coach Boston College. (His first mission should be to learn how to beat Miami...they haven't won since the infamous Hail Mary pass from Doug Flutie.)
  • Hard to believe but: Ex-Saints quarterback Adrian McPherson is suing the Tennessee Titans because their mascot hit him with a golf cart before the second half of an August exhibition.
  • Praise the Heavens! Michael Strahan is finally practicing again for the Giants.
  • Brad Radke of the Twins is expected to retire tomorrow.
  • Gilbert Arenas scored 60 points last night as the Wizards take care of business against Kobe and the Lakers.
  • Knick coach Isiah Thomas denies threatening Carmelo Anthony before brawl. (Can the Knicks just go ahead and give us all a Christmas present by firing Thomas.)
  • George Karl shares with my frustration about Isiah Thomas. (Though Karl can get revenge by trading to the Knicks an overpriced, selfish, veteran for top draft picks that do not have lottery protection...Isiah would be all ears for this kind of trade.)
  • Look out for those Badgers! Wisconsin jumps to the number 4 spot in the AP Poll...their best slot ever.
  • Fabio Cannavaro wins FIFA's World Player of the Year. (I never thought that on this website I'd be linking a sports story from Al Jazeera...)

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