Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Nets are not Playing Like the Nets: [David Stefanini]

The New Jersey Nets lost to the Dallas Mavericks last night, 92-75. They are still first place in their division, however they are playing horribly. Right now other than Vince Carter and Jason Kidd, all the Nets are playing poorly. Nenad Kristic is the only other player I can not put down; but the rest are up for criticism.
What happened to Marcus Williams being this great young point guard who can finally provide JKidd with some rest time. Williams last night went for 0 points, 1 assist, and 3 turnovers.
He is not the only one Eddie House was also supposed to provide relief for JKidd, let's review House's stats: 0-0-0, Points-Rebounds-Assists.
Richard Jefferson could probably be an All-Star on most other teams in this league. He has the potential to go out and score 25-30 points a game, however this season his numbers are down across the board. There is one state that has gone up though turnovers.
The Nets have a great starting 5, their bench is going to be their downfall. At the beginning of the year I was looking for the Nets to win the East, but when I look at this team they are very top heavy. Before the trading block they need to get a solid role player who can come off the bench and provide some rest for their starters, without taking a huge drop in talent/points scored. The Nets still have the talent to win the East, but they need to go out their and get it. They can't play like it is owed to them.