Monday, January 29, 2007

Tiger Wins Seventh Tournament in a Row [J. Mark English]


The veteran play of Charles Howell III and Tiger Woods rose to the top, while the mix of some rookies and less than familiar names at this week's Buick Invitational. But Buick, Tiger and Torrey Pines are becoming synonymous with the word "win".

Howell was really the only player that had a legitimate chance at the end to threaten Tiger's dominance in the tournament, as the rookies and players somewhat new to the glare and pressure of final round leads, faded down the stretch, but he also fell trap to a golf malady that seems to affect everyone but Tiger. When you evaluate the play of Woods in the last round, there weren't any shots that'll make his lifetime highlight reel. He didn't need to be spectacular, he needed to be steady. And he was. It was steady play, solid-thinking and committed execution that propelled him to his third straight Buick Invitational title, fifth-overall Buick Invitational win and one more win on that streak of seven PGA Tour wins in a row.

But the story might not be how Tiger won the tournament, but maye how he didn't lose it. He stayed smart and consistent, while the others made a few critical mistakes. Tiger makes fewer errors, mental or physical, than anyone else and the end result -- in this week's tournament and many others -- is that Tiger holds the trophy.