Monday, February 26, 2007

And the Oscar Results? [J. Mark English]

This will not be a tradition of the sports blog to step away from sports and report on other aspects of American affairs. But tonight is an exception.

Anyway, my predictions may have saved face from my embarrasing Super Bowl predictions.
  • Best Picture - I said 'Little Miss Sunshine'. The result was 'The Departed'. Hey, it really was a great movie. No problem with this pick.
  • Best Actor - I sensed O'Toole might get it, but my heart as I had said was with Whitaker. And Forest Whitaker takes home an Oscar.
  • Best Actress - I said Helen Mirren. Guess what? She's not only the Queen but also an Oscar winner!
  • Best Supporting Actor - I blew this one. I picked Jackie Earle Haley, and instead Alan Arkin shocked everyone by winning the award.
  • Best Supporting Actress - My pick was Jennifer Hudson, and Hudson kept up her end of the bargain.
  • Best Director - My prediction held true. Martin Scorsese finally wins the big one. Congrats!
That would be four out of six that I got right. The awards show ran forty five minutes long, but felt just right. I thought Ellen was endearing, and had some great moments of interaction with the audience.

I could have gone with out Al Gore, but thats a personal opinion. If you want to get a different point of view from the former Vice President on the issue of global warming, I strongly suggest you read 'State of Fear' by Michael Crichton.

Alright, well we are done Oscar coverage. Tomorrow, back to sports. For you all you New Yorkers, enjoy the winter wonderland!

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