Monday, February 26, 2007

Bobby Abreu Out for 2 Weeks [David Stefanini]

In a day which Manny Ramirez reported to training camp, the Yankees found a way to steal the headlines once again (though they didn't want to do it this way). Bobby Abreu has an injured oblique and is going to miss 2 weeks.

Abreu is going to be fine this season, and will not miss any time during the regular season due to this injury. Many would think this would have opened the door for Bernie Williams, but it did not. The injury is not severe enough for the Yanks to have to go out and give Bernie a guaranteed spot on the team.

It would be nice to see Bernie get a spot on the Yanks roster this season. When thinking of the Yankees during their 4-year title run, you think: Jeter, Rivera, Posada, and Williams. This is a team who year in and year out on paper looks like they should go 160-2. They have future Hall of Famers in their prime and the best closer the game has ever seen. They should keep the four players named previously who have won a championship and have been there before. Those are qualities A-Rod and other players on this team are missing, and maybe what the Yanks are missing to finally reclaim the title.

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