Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fact or Fiction Super Bowl Style [J. Mark English]

Heres the game, fact or fiction. I'll make a statement, and it may be a fact, it may be fiction. The answer will be in the comment section. See how you do:
  1. Should the Indianapolis Colts win the Super Bowl, they will be the first team in NFL history team that plays inside a dome to win the Super Bowl. Fact or Fiction?
  2. Tomorrow's game will represent the fifth time a number one offense from one league (the Colts - AFC) will play against the number one defense from the other league (the Bears - NFC). In the previous four Super Bowls where we have seen this match up, the number one defensive team has won. Fact or Fiction?
  3. Terrell Davis holds the record for the most amount of rushing yards in a single Super Bowl. Fact or Fiction?
  4. The Colts were undefeated this year against all teams that both they and the Bears played. Fact or Fiction?
  5. Don Shula guided the Miami Dolphins to three straight Super Bowls in the early 1970's, including the only undefeated season for a team in 1972. Don Shula was also the head coach of the Baltimore Colts when they lost to the Jets in Super Bowl III. Fact or Fiction?
  6. This year will mark the ninth the Super Bowl will be played in the greater Miami area. Miami holds the record for hosting the most amount of Super Bowls. Fact or Fiction?
  7. One of the qualifications for a host city to have a Super Bowl is that the city must be large, with high-end hotel for teams and the NFL. All of the cities that host the game qualify in this regard. Fact or Fiction?
  8. Since the inception of the wild card, there has never been a Super Bowl with two wild card teams. Fact or Fiction?
  9. Super Bowl XXXIX marked the first time that a player from either team did not do the famous commercial claiming "I'm Going to Disney World". Fact or Fiction?
  10. No Super Bowl has ever ended in a shut out. Fact or Fiction?
  11. The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls. The Cowboys have had 7 Super Bowl MVPs. Fact or Fiction?
  12. The original Super Bowl XXXVI logo had to be redesigned following the September 11, 2001 attacks. Fact or Fiction?
  13. Two teams have made an appearance at a Super Bowl in the same year their home stadium was the featured site. Fact or Fiction?
  14. From 1999-2005, the teams that lost the Super Bowl in the previous year, all missed the playoffs the following year. Fact or Fiction?
  15. CBS aired the first Super Bowl. Fact or Fiction?
  16. The "Super Bowl" is the official name of the game. Fact or Fiction?
  17. The Super Bowl is the second most watched program of the year. Fact or Fiction?
  18. Super Bowl Sunday represents the largest food consumption day in America. Fact or Fiction?
  19. When the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl I, they were given the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Fact or Fiction?
  20. The Trophy depicts a regulation sized football. Fact or Fiction?
Thanks for playing. Hope you had fun, and learned some useless trivia to entertain friends with tomorrow during the game. Give me some feed back if you enjoyed this, and I'll do this again in the near future.

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