Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Your Snowy Day Fix 2.14.07 [J. Mark English]

Happy Valentines Day! In the spirit of the holiday we'll change up the color of the post just a bit.
  • In anticipation of Daytona 500, Rusty Wallace focuses in on five things to look for in the upcoming NASCAR season.
  • Cheating seems to be rampant in NASCAR this week, as five crew chiefs, as well as their drivers have been suspended. Most notable of the bunch, is Michael Waltrip.
  • Trouble in the land of the New York Giants? This week, new GM Reese performed an exodus, cutting loose significant players including Arrington, Petitgout, Morton, and Emmons. More interesting though is the idea that Tiki Barber through out yesterday...suggesting that it was Coughlin who led him into early retirment.
  • Boston Celtics will be praying to the snow gods that tonight is the night their 18 game losing streak finally comes to an end...
  • Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis testified Wednesday he had gastric bypass surgery because he was afraid he would die if he didn't lose weight, but life-threatening complications resulted after the procedure.
  • Ian Thomsen writes on the possibility of an NBA team coming to Las Vegas.
  • Attorney involved with the BALCO case pleads guilty.
  • Say it ain't so? Wrigley Field will bow to the pressures of capitalism, and will embrace an Under Armour sign among the ivies
  • Best buddies already? Barry Zito demands that his locker be next to Barry Bonds.
  • Finally, for all you guys that are single, at least you can look forward to this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Beyonce Knowles (first non athlete, non model) will be the cover girl. Feast your eyes:

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