Thursday, March 01, 2007

Another Big Name Cut on NFL Cut Day [David Stefanini]

New Orleans long time Wide Receiver, Joe Horn, has been cut today on NFL Cut day. Unlike the Joey Porter decision, this decision was made because Horn requested it. Joe Horn was being asked to take a pay cut by the New Orleans Saints and Horn would not go along with it. Horn basically told them he would rather be cut then to take a pay cut, and he got exactly what he asked for.

Here is an idea of what the Saints are losing:

Horn is second in Saints' history in catches with 523 and yardage with 7,622 yards. He is the all-time leader in touchdowns with 50 and 100 yard receiving games with 27.

With Reggie Bush catching a lot of passes out of the back-field and breakout rookie Marques Colston, the Saints still have the fire power needed to take them far in the playoffs. It is just sad to see a player who has been the face of the franchise for so many years get cut like this, but he wanted more money and they were not going to give it to him.

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