Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kobe Nets 65 Points [David Stefanini]

It is that time of year; it's Kobe time. The Lakers were on a seven game losing streak, and they needed somebody to step up and carry them to a victory. Now I wonder who could do that? Ah, yes they have that man named Kobe.

Kobe had 31 points in the final quarter and overtime. For normal human beings who are in the NBA a 65 point game would easily be the best of their career. However this marks the third time Kobe broke the 60 point mark and is only the second highest output of his career. Of course Kobe had the miraculous 81 point game last season.

The Lakers have been struggling and needed Kobe to carry the load. Before this team was killed by injuries they were proving to be a force in the Western Conference. Now that the team is for the most part healthy, look for them to once again make a push. And if Kobe can shoot the way he did last night watch out folks.

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