Friday, March 16, 2007

March Madness Tidbits... [J. Mark English]

Grrrr....Chrissy's Villanova Wildcats are getting top billing on CBS as they square off against Kentucky. This annoys me because I was looking forward to watching Holy Cross.

Tennessee's 121 points against Long Beach State (and I had picked LB State to win...) set a record for most amount of points scored in a first round game. Loyola Marymount set the record in 1990 against Michigan with whopping 149 points. Can you what that game must have been like? Couldn't they have applied the mercy rule?

Bill Simmons of ESPN should you keep you entertained if your surfing with one eye on your computer, and the other eye on the HDTV.

Make sure you read Clifton Brown's piece from the New York Times about VCU. They could very well be this year's George Mason.
  • Anybody check out these near upsets? The #2 seed Wisconsin flirted with disaster against Texas A&M Corpus the first half they were down by as many as 15 points.
  • Oregon was lucky to get past Miami (Ohio) winning by just two points, 58 to 56.
Finally, UNLV's win today was their first since 1991. Has it really been that long? Remember how great those teams were from the early 1990s? The classic match-up between UNLV and Duke? I feel so old now, because those teams provided my first memory of watching college basketball. That was 16 years ago!

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