Monday, March 26, 2007

No Negligence in Pat Tillman's Death [David Stefanini]

For those out there who are not aware of the Pat Tillman situation here is a recap:

We all know Pat Tillman was a member of the Arizona Cardinals, but choose to leave the organization in order to join Armed Rangers and unfortunately ended up being killed in combat. At first reports said Tillman was killed in an ambush. Since then we have learned it was friendly fire that ended up killing Tillman.

Investigators found there was no criminal negligence in the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman.

I do not like who this is out in the media. I wish this was kept out of the public and handled internally. Personally, if a family member of mine was to die I would not have wanted them to do the investigation in the first place. What is wrong with telling the family of the deceased their son, father, daughter, brother or sister died in combat? Why do they have to know actually it was just friendly fire. None of us reading this post can imagine what the Tillman household is going through right now. They had to deal with getting over the death of a family member, now they have to deal with it all over again after being told they were lied to.

Can the media stop crucifying the soldiers in Iraq and show some support please?

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