Friday, April 13, 2007

Bonds Goes Yard...Twice [David Stefanini]

Say what you want about Barry Bonds, but on Friday Night he hit career home runs #736 and #737, leaving him only 19 home runs shy of breaking Hank Aaron's all time record. This was also Bonds' 70th career multi-home run game, leaving him 2 behind Babe Ruth for the all time record in that category.

He looks to be swinging the bat very well and will more than likely get that record this season if he can stay healthy. He has won the MVP Award more times than anyone in history and has an outrageous career on-base percentage. Yes he may cheat, but he is going to have the record pretty soon.

Here is an opinion about Bonds from blogger Bruce Macgowan:

"I guess I'm prejudiced when it comes to Bonds. I've thoroughly enjoyed watching him play baseball, and although we're not good friends, he's been courteous and friendly with me and we have a good working relationship. That's not true with a lot of my peers, because they take his indifference, moodiness and sometime brusque manner personally. If he gave the writers and the electronic media more of his time, he'd have a lot more allies, and he probably would have less than half of the problems that he's experiencing today. He also could help himself out by admitting that he's not perfect. But it's just not going to happen. I guess I accept Bonds for who he is, a very flawed individual who happens to be one of the best hitters of all time, because I really don't see what all the nonsense is about. I've known disfunctional people before, including some in my immediate family."

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