Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dice-K and the Gyro [J. Mark English]

I'm watching the Yankees / Red Sox game right now. Maybe its just me, and keep in mind I am biased, but I don't buy into all of the hype about how great this rivalry is, especially when its this early in the season. I feel like since the early 2000's I've overdosed on this match-up. Its a bit mind numbing to have to hear just how great it is that these two teams meet up. Yes, I am a bitter, disgruntled, Mets fan, but still this is my subject opinion.

Seriously though, watching this match-up in April and getting really psyched up for it is like getting pumped up for the presidential primaries a full year before one can actually vote. Its a bit overrated to the person who does not have a vested interest in the match-up. I'll take my Mets / Braves rivalry any day over the Yanks / Red Sox.

I'm just full of "what grinds my gears" comments tonight aren't I?

Anyway, the reason why I am even watching this game is to see Dice-K and his Gyro pitch. Here is a great clip from ESPN about what exactly the Gyro does:

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