Saturday, April 21, 2007

Say it Ain't 'Mo [David Stefanini]

The Yankees were playing the Boston Red Soxs. They needed a few things to come out with a win, Andy Pettitte to pitch well and Alex Rodriguez to stay unconscious while swinging the bat. Both of those things happened.

Pettitte pitched a beautiful game, giving up only 2 ER in 6.1 IP. He had control of his pitches and got out of a few tough jams that were brought upon him.

A-Rod played out of this world again. He went 3-5 with a double, two home-runs and 4 RBI's. He now has 12 home runs and 30 RBI's.

The one thing the Yankees figured they had in the bank was at the end of the game, if they had a lead. they could give the ball to Mariano Rivera, the best closer in MLB history. So that's exactly what Joe Torre did. Unfortunately for the Yanks they did not want to bring 'Mo in, in the 8th inning with runners on first and third with only 1 out. However it was still a save opportunity and Mariano got the ball.

Mariano could not hold the lead and the Red Sox capped off one of the best come from behind victories in this early season.

Rivera does not have his control yet. He was missing his spots and let a few pitches get away from him. Luckily for the Yanks it's very early in the season and he has plenty of time to get out of this slump. Rivera has gone through this sort of thing before, it takes him a few appearances before he gets his control down, and the it is a matter of time before he gets everything working and it is impossible to get any runs off of him.

I am more concerned about the Yankees in the future. It is amazing what A-Rod is accomplishing but this run is not going to last throughout the season. Once he settles back down to Earth they are going to need other people to start hitting and scoring runs without the help of A-Rod.

This was the one game in the series that the Yankees had a good chance of winning. They have two pitchers that they don't know what to expect and the Red Sox are putting out two pitchers who they have high hopes for this season. Torre managed this game as if this is the one he needed to win; now he has to try to find a way to get one out of the next two games in this series.

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